Services & Facilities

Dolmen Mall Clifton has 15 ATMs of 11 banks. They are divided on every floor so there is always an ATM near you. Banks include: Standard Chartered, HBL, Al Baraka Bank, Askari Bank Ltd, Summit Bank Ltd, NIB Bank, Soneri Bank Ltd, United Bank Ltd, Bank Alfalah, Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd and Allied Bank.

Banks with Extended Hours:

Now you can avail banking services in a safe and secure environment. Our banks are open throughout the day during mall timings, all seven days of the week. With added services such as digital banking, we cover all your banking needs inside the mall.

Currency Exchange:

For the convenience of foreigners and Pakistanis who want to get their money changed, we have taken convenience up another notch by introducing Currency Exchange in the mall. You can now get the best rates inside the safety of the mall from:

  • Wall Street
  • Link International Exchange
  • Mega Currency Exchange
  • Cuddle Carts:

    Cuddle carts are available at the basement gate of the mall. You can rent the cuddle carts per hour and shop without a worry!

    CCTV Cameras and Security:

    The entire Mall and its parking lots are monitored by the latest CCTV cameras in addition to well trained and experienced Security Professionals.

    Dedicated Parking For Seniors:

    There are dedicated parking spots for Senior Citizens. Seniors can also avail free valet service.

    Dedicated Parking For Female Drivers:

    There are ample dedicated parking spots in our Basement parking area for female drivers to ensure hassle free shopping.

    Drivers’ Waiting Room:

    Tell your driver to sit in our Driver’s Waiting Lounge in our basement parking while you shop without a worry. Our air conditioned driver’s room is furnished with chairs, water dispenser and a television to keep them entertained.

    Free Wi-Fi:

    Instagram pictures of your food, post selfies with friends or browse through new collections while you wait for your food because we have free Wi-Fi for you at the Food Court!

    First Aid Room:

    A First Aid room in collaboration with Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) is available for emergency situations.

    Information Desk:

    Get assistance or lodge complaints with our friendly customer service representatives at the Information Desk at Dolmen Mall Clifton. The desk is situated on the ground floor, at the main atrium next to Butlers Chocolate Café and is open throughout the week during mall timings to assist our happy shoppers.

    Lost & Found:

    Inquire about your lost items at the Information Desk on Ground Floor.

    Mothers’ Room:

    We have a mother’s room in every female toilet on every floor for the convenience of mothers where there is ample space to feed your child and change them.

    Parking Lots:

    Over 1,900 parking spaces and 4 parking lots. Discover hassle-free parking while shopping at Dolmen Mall Clifton.

    Prayer Rooms:

    There are separate prayer rooms for men and women at every floor with designated areas for ablution (Wuzu).

    Valet Parking:

    Valet Parking Service can be availed from both the Main Entrance & Gate 2.

    Wheelchair Booking:

    The mall has been carefully designed to make it 100% disable-friendly. Now you can shop with easy accessibility with our wheelchair service, disabled parking in Basement 1 and 2, elevators on every floor, travellators, disabled cubicles in restrooms as well as help from our customer service representatives.