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26167084_2191839017496816_3956197912407883505_n Reebok 30th DEC
25994515_2191839090830142_3287857639186940881_n Shahnameh 29th to 31st DEC
26000943_2191839094163475_145040562705632852_n Adidas Originals 30th Dec
26001365_2191839180830133_4169368431850047248_n Leisure Club 29th to 31st DEC
26047274_2191839084163476_4595797109323869338_n Nike 29th & 30th DEC
26113841_2191839014163483_2580857690970475042_n Pedro 30th DEC
26165816_2191839170830134_2302875237020018109_n Deepak Perwani 30th DEC
26168351_2191839020830149_4917335285314103990_n Charles & Keith 30th DEC
yellowlogo YELLOW Upto 70%
sputniklogo-1 SPUTNIK Flat 10%
26229526_2204749206205797_1421000992458667456_n Adidas January 9, 2018
26229304_2204748286205889_241188104433288739_n GENERATION January 9, 2018
26219996_2204749589539092_7578522248726715128_n LEISURE CLUB January 9, 2018
26219679_2204748779539173_3733074290560932523_n TIMBERLAND January 9, 2018
26219641_2204748812872503_5276745755039581673_n GIORDANO January 9, 2018
26196424_2204749736205744_1922898036096946643_n NIKE January 9, 2018
26195957_2204748999539151_7998959683918637535_n IDEAS BY GUL AHMED January 9, 2018
26195304_2204749756205742_7100331169017629316_n TOMMY HILFIGER WATCHES January 9, 2018
26169454_2204749179539133_469056532815022541_n TARZZ January 9, 2018
26168645_2204748282872556_141375351453840447_n PEDRO January 9, 2018
26168320_2204748522872532_3336370363752606893_n TIME SHOP January 9, 2018
SALE-DSF-8 Adidas Originals

Family carnival

22nd Dec to 7th Jan

Our fun family carnival is a of dreams. A carnival city created inside the mall where you can try your best shot at the Sling Shot, Bucket Throw and Minute to Win It games, munch on chocolate popcorns, snap funky pictures at our photobooths, meet your favourtite mascots, and win instant gifts. Celebrate with Sindbad, Robot, Oggy, Dora, SpongeBob and Kung Fu Panda.

Beauty Lounge

22nd December to 7th January

A world of beauty and luxury awaits all the makeup junkies and fashionistas out there for Dolmen Shopping Festival ‘17. Loreal, J. Note and Scentsation are bringing 17 days of makeup tips, free makeovers, meet and greet with the top beauty gurus along with lots of exciting sales and giveaways. Scentsation - 22nd to 26th December L'Oréal - 27th to 5th January J. Note - 6th and 7th January

Art Lounge

24th and 25th December

Celebrated artists, in collaboration with Art TV, are coming to the mall on the 24th and 25th December to live paint memorabilia of Quaid-e-Azam on his birth anniversary. Watch the persona and image of Muhammad Ali Jinnah transform on to canvas from the minds of these brilliant artists and pay tribute to the city of lights, the birthplace of the founder of our nation. 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm 24th December Aftab Zafar 25th December Arif Ansari 25th December FarrukhShahab Live Caricature by Feica

Flash Sales

22nd December to 7th January

The most awaited sales of the year are here and we have a surprise for you. Make your shopping list as our top brands go on daily flash sales of up to flat 50% off for the silver jubilee celebrations. We will be announcing our surprise sales every day, so make sure to keep a look out for your favourite brand going on a massive discount!

Dolmen Bazaar

22nd December to 7th January

Aromas of the delicious Dolmen Food Bazaar await you during our Dolmen Shopping Festival. Enjoy the winter delicacies and sweets as you walk through the food street of the Dolmen Food Bazaar on the 2nd Floor, at Dolmen Mall Clifton. Doh, DolceplusGolosinas (Belgium) Pakistan, Karamel, Panwari, Lush Crush, Aim - The Food Company, Chai Wala, IceSmoke, Sahib Behram Dry Fruits, 8Teas, Opal Chocolate & Sweets, Health Act.

Dolmen Cultural Bazaar

22nd December to 7th January

Intricate designs of our jewellery and unique patterns of our furniture defines the heritage of hospitality, colours and culture of Pakistan. Browse through our Dolmen Culture Bazaar on the 1st Floor at Dolmen Mall Clifton as this festival brings you countless attractions throughout the event. East West Connection, Kashmiri Products, Object, Sahib Behram, SH Handicrafts, Spinning Wheel Fabric by Amna Afzal, Sindh Rural Support Organization, The Craft Company.

Grand Prizes DMC

On the grand closing ceremony, expect to be showered with gifts and giveaways as we will be giving our grand prizes then! And this is above and beyond the Rs.2.5 million worth shopping spree. Participate through our Dolmen Draw by shopping for Rs.5,000 or more and take home diamond rings, ATVs, kitchen appliances, airline tickets, complete wardrobes and more.

26229801_2205485509465500_2584372450344461129_n 22nd Dec – 7th Jan
26168649_2205485526132165_6551853572560921254_n 22nd Dec – 7th Jan
26230118_2205485586132159_3043045350416178556_n 22nd Dec – 7th Jan
lucky-draw-26th-DEC 26th December
lucky-draw-25th-DEC 25th December
lucky-draw-23RD-DEC 23rd December
lucky draw-02 24th December
food court digital 2017 (2)-14 Bond Street Waffles
food court digital 2017 (2)-13 Pizza Hut
food court digital 2017 (2)-12 Mcdonald’s
food court digital 2017 (2)-11 Subway
food court digital 2017 (2)-10 Bombay Chowpatty
food court digital 2017 (2)-09 OPTP
food court digital 2017 (2)-08 KFC
food court digital 2017 (2)-07 Necos Treat Cafe
food court digital 2017 (2)-06 Hoagies
food court digital 2017 (2)-05 Chacha Jee
food court digital 2017 (2)-04 China Grill
food court digital 2017 (2)-03 Solen
food court digital 2017 (2)-02 Golden Chick
food court digital 2017 (2)-01 Burger King
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-12 Magnum
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-11 Zaoq
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-10 8 Teas (KIOSK)
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-09 Hey Day
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-08 Del Frio
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-07 Rowtisserie
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-06 Dunk In Donuts
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-05 Cinnabon
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-04 Cosmopolitan
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-03 Boston Creamery
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-02 Gun Smoke
food court digital 2017 (2) - Copy-01 Hakka Chine