Independence Day Celebrations – August, 13

Dolmen Mall invited kids from The Citizens Foundation and NOWPDP to partake in Independence Day Celebrations. The ceremony kicked off with the singing of the National Anthem, followed by Cake Cutting and Hoisting of the Flag. The Kids then had meals at the Food Court and had fun exploring the themed setups at the mall.

KDSP Visit – June, 22

Dolmen Mall invited hard of hearing children from the Karachi Down Syndrome Program to visit the Mall and have an exciting day by playing games at Sindbad and eating their favorite meals at the Food Court.

Infant Diaper Changing Stations in the Men’s Room – June, 22

Dolmen Mall launched its first ever Diaper Changing Station in the Men’s Room. As a Family Centric Mall, this initiative was launched to accommodate all mall-goers with children, regardless of their gender.

Heat Wave Relief Camp – May, 22

As May came around, Karachi witnessed rising record-breaking temperatures and a massive heatwave. To facilitate its citizens, Dolmen Mall had set up a Heatwave Relief Camp, providing water, shade and seating for all visitors.

Vaccination Drives – 20 – 22

In order to promote a safe shopping experience for all, Dolmen Mall has hosted 2 vaccination drives in collaboration with Pakistan Red Crescent and Sindh Government. All mall employees, retail and office staff, and customers were invited to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 Virus.

Pinktober - Breast Cancer Awareness

Women in every role and relationship are at risk of Breast Cancer, so once again, being a community centric mall, Dolmen Mall made sure that awareness for preventative measures is being spread as much as possible this October. Our efforts were driven towards breaking the taboo around acknowledging this disease by distributing the pink ribbon, collaborating with Ziauddin and Shaukat Khanum hospitals and using social media’s power to spread the message in wider audience.